Sponge Docks Skiff
Sponge Docks Skiff
Sponge Docks Skiff
Sponge Docks Skiff
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Sponge Docks Skiff

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In agreement with J.F. Bedard we are offing this exciting opportunity to build the Sponge Docks Skiff design. 

  You can learn more about these great designs from JF's site.

You think : I’d sure like to have a little harbor skiff to scoot around in the harbor/lake/river.  And building a boat looks like fun, but I’ve never done it before; Not sure if I’m up to it.  This is the perfect boat for you: We designed it so that a first-time boat builder can readily assemble it:  Simple structure, pre-drilled holes, basic easy-to-follow plan set and complete instruction manual: If you can hold a drill you can do it.  Best of all, the fruit of your labor is a super cool, all-around, safe and fast little garvey that will zip around all day at a comfortable 18-20mph with an inexpensive 15hp outboard on a few gallons of gas.


Our 5 day or Multi-Weekend Workshops will teach you how to build your own boat. We’ll start with the raw parts of the hull precision cut and ready to go and on the last day you will have a hull with most all the work completed so all that’s left for you is to take it home, do a little sanding and add some finishing touches such as paint, varnish and hardware. We provide all materials and consumables (gloves, epoxy etc.) With hands on guidance from experienced builders your boat will come out strong and straight.

Workshop Fee plus Kit  is for 1-2 persons building the same boat. Each additional person must pay a fee of 1/3 standard workshop fee.

 Space is limited to 3 Boats per session.

Classes will be held in the Boat Builder Supply Shop located at 201 S. Victory St, Little Rock, AR  unless otherwise noted.

Our Schedule for 2019

Sponge Docks Skiff:

5 Day Workshops

October- please inquire

Multi-Weekend Workshops

October-Please inquire

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